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pro and cons of Crossfit

Pro CrossFit Argument:

CrossFit consists of a variety of different exercises. These include strength training and calisthenics. They are designed to work your whole body and not just one specific region or part. These are set up as a quick, high-intensity circuit workout.


A CrossFit workout is designed to test your will and fitness. It is typically performed as fast as your body and mental fitness will allow. Most require skill or balance. A person should take the initial time and energy to properly learn the lift or routine.


CrossFit participants are a close-knit community. They strive to not only be the best they can be but also push their surrounding partners to kick it in gear. They will keep you excited and push you to levels of fitness you may have thought unattainable.


CrossFit provides measurement or fitness tracking to monitor your gains. In other words, you can compete for both against yourself and other gym members. This is one of the many reasons that people tend to stick with and enjoy CrossFit, as compared to a normal exercise routine.


CrossFit diet and nutrition are also a big part of the overall picture. There are numerous tips and advice on a good diet or Paleo Diet. A CrossFit workout coupled with a good diet will provide amazing results!


CrossFit Negatives:

Many people opposed to CrossFit stress the importance of an individual program verses a class or group workout. Sure, all people are at different levels and often times a workout for one person may need to be different for another. This dilemma can be avoided by stressing proper technique and safety to newer participants.


Specific needs of a beginner are not often addressed. Since every workout is for the group, some weaknesses of a specific person may be detrimental. This too can be minimized with a properly trained CrossFit instructor.


Flexibility issues or prior injuries should always be accounted for before starting a rigorous CrossFit routine.


My Conclusion on Whether or Not to Use CrossFit:

Like any other workout, use common sense. Prior to starting any workout program, get cleared by your healthcare provider. By following good sound diet and training principles, you are probably a great candidate for CrossFit. I have personally witnessed amazing transformations of pudgy, out of shape males and females who took on the CrossFit challenge and became a person they thought they never could be. That is why I hesitate to say that this person or that person should never be allowed to start at a CrossFit gym. As long as they are in sound health, why shouldn't they be allowed to give it a try.

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